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Productive People Get Promoted - How to Manage Mail with Confidence

How to Mmanage Your Email


The Number 1  Top Tip to Manage Your Email 

Or how to stop being a slave to the electronic envelope!

As well as speaking, coaching and consulting, I write for clients' in-house magazines and contribute articles on request. Here's one I pulled together for an external newsletter targeting social housing and non-profit making firms.

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#Triple F Formula - Fab Friday Feeling

Want to feel fabulous, less miserable and in fact quite extraordinary at the close of each working week? Then follow my client’s good example.

Picture this I was on a coaching call with Mike, a director in the public sector. He’d just come back from a week’s holiday to an overflowing inbox.

“What should I do? There are 41 emails from one department alone.” He groaned. It was obvious that he felt miserable.

“What would happen if you deleted all of them?” I asked.

“Could I?” he replied in disbelief and desperation.

“Well why not?” I fired back. “What is the worst thing that can happen if you hit delete all?” Will you die? Adding, "You can an always find deleted mail if you really need to.”

Mike called back 15 minutes later. He’d deleted his entire inbox, some of which went back over two years. Mike felt marvellous! He’s now an avid follower of my #TripleF Formula. He aims to feel extraordinary every Friday and often sends me a quick text to confirm that his inbox is empty!

Speak to people face-to-face

In my opinion, this action above all others will make you more productive and a better communicator. Now instead of being an email slave you have time to speak to people face-to-face. At the heart of good time management is self-worth.

Treat yourself like a star performer and respect others with the same courtesy.

Email is a wonderful tool, however when it is abused it's time to redress the balance. If you find yourself spending a day week, simply sorting out your email, then ask yourself, is this really the best use of my skills? Some people see "doing email" as a good day's work. Can this be true?

Stop! Rewind! Review!

Others take their phones to the dinner table, the rest room and to bed. If this sounds like you - Stop! Rewind! Review! You could be putting your health and wellbeing at risk.

Some companies I know have put systems in place to block "reply all" others actively discourage "cc." Consider your colleagues next time you feel tempted to use either feature. Ask yourself is this action truly necessary and helpful? What action can you take to reduce the amount of email in your office?

Poor email habits, might be the biggest killer of productivity.

Want to adopt my FFF - Fab Friday Feeling or #TripleF? It's easy as 1,2,3. Here's how.

  1. Organise your email into folders/ files.
  2. Flag for priority.
  3. Create a new folder entitled "Next week". This is your “must do” items for the following week and it too must be emptied weekly.

Then take a deep breath and with confidence and smile on your face...

  • Delete your inbox!
  • Empty it every Friday by 5pm. Non-negotiable.
  • Job Jobbed! 

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